1. I don't like Spider-Man all that much.
    Most of this can be blamed on the Toby Maguie movies, I hate all of them. Also an unpopular opinion with some.
  2. I don't dislike Nicolas Cage, and think he is generally a decent actor.
    He has some fantastic movies. Gone in 60 seconds, Knowing, National Treasure, Ghost Rider(the first one), Next, Con Air, The Rock
  3. Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan.
    Go ahead. Crucify me. He's better than Michael ever was at 90% of the game of basketball. More well rounded too.
  4. I enjoy Meghan Trainer
    Her songs are catchy
  5. I don't really like Anne Hathaway
    Can't explain why, sorry. I wish I did like her
  6. I can't stand Mathew McConaughey
    The Lincoln commercials really put this one over the edge for me
  7. I think Over the Hedge is a better movie than Cars.
    This one is debatable for me. But I'd pick OTH over cars 9/10 times
  8. Yellow starburst are fantastic
    Second best behind Pink
  9. I like Vanilla frosties at Wendy's more than chocolate frosties
  10. I don't like Carli Lloyd that much.
    Little bit overrated, makes a lot of mistakes, inconsistent, very self absorbed. I'll always be grateful for what she did in the WC Final-one of the best performances I've ever seen on a soccer pitch, but I still don't like her that much.
  11. I actually really like Star Wars episodes 1 and 2.
    By 1 and 2 I mean the prequels, Phantom Menace and Attack of the Clones. Episode 3 is still the worst of the worst, I'm not that delusional
  12. I don't enjoy How I Met Your Mother
    Sorry all my friends who watch it. Because literally all my friends watch it. I just don't find it that funny and have no desire to watch it.
  13. I REALLY like Applebee's
    I love the jokes about their franchise and all but I don't think they're bad and really like their food😂 they have good boneless wings and amazing dessert
  14. Raising Canes blows
    Not great chicken and super overpriced
  15. Rihanna sucks
    She hates America and therefore I hate her
  16. Katy Perry isn't that attractive
    Her music is fantastic and she's pretty but I've never actually thought she was very attractive to me.
  17. White chocolate Reese's are better than normal ones
    Fight me on that, white chocolate is freaking ballin
  18. Nickelback isn't that bad
    It's just a popular fad to dislike them and call them trash all the time