The title of my autobiography will be: I am a thinking thing
  1. Aneliza
    A chapter about my name and what I attribute to being Aneliza
  2. Nani
    A chapter about my nickname and what I attribute to being Nani
  3. Fat Nani
    A chapter about my weight and my love of food
  4. White Mexican
    A chapter about being Mexican and looking white.
  5. Club Crochet
    A chapter about crocheting
  6. Celebrities I Should be Friends With
    Pretty self explanatory, but expect it to a long list.
  7. I'm not Perfect
    A chapter about all of my imperfections
  8. I'm perfect
    Everything about me that is absolutely perfect
  9. The loves my life
    I fall in love with someone new every five minutes. It's sad and wonderful.!
  10. Wilfred
    The real love of my life
  11. Dear Dad
    An honest letter to my dad.
  12. The day I was blonde
    I was blonde for one day and it was not fun at all.
  13. I am not your coffee table
    A chapter about how people completely ignore the presence of other peoy
  14. A table at Ferris
    A chapter about the strange system of finding a table at Ferris dining hall