1. I am babysitting and I am hungry.
    The kids are asleep, and there is literally nothing for me to do. Thus, making a list is not only justified, but perhaps necessary.
  2. I had lunch at 12:30 and nothing since then.
    My lunch was a bagel with peanut butter and Raisin Bran
  3. I'm very hungry
  4. I thought I would be back at my place by 11:00pm
    It is now 12:24am
  5. I don't think I will order in
    A) my options are limited B) I want food NOW
  6. I'm seriously considering McDonald's
    Those fries though
  7. I shouldn't be complaining
    I could have brought a snack. I could have asked for food. There are people with serious issues and it's completely unfair for me to complain about not eating for a few hours.
  8. But I'm still hungry
    I'm human, and I will continue to complain because I'm flawed and selfish.
  9. Parent, PLEASE COME HOME!
    It's now 12:28am
  10. 1:15am