Life Goals

A growing list
  1. Become an Honorary Dame
    I would like to be in the same rank as Maggie Smith and Judi Dench. However, because I am American I would be peers with Honorary Dame Angelina Jolie. Not bad company.
  2. Become a Nobel Laureate
    In my head I would get the literature or peace prize, or get a new award for writing peace minded literature.
  3. Become a Queen or Princess
    If Grace Kelly can do it, so can I!
  4. Become an Alpaca Farmer
    Alpaca's are the cutest animal and their fur is the softest thing on this earth.
  5. Audition for a Broadway Play
    I wanted to be an actress when I was younger, and a part of me still does. I just need to work up the courage to go for it.
  6. Own a Treehouse
    Pete Nelson's show is the reason I want a super cool treehouse.
  7. Be Friends with @JimmyFallon
    He seems like the nicest person ever! We would be excellent pals, and laugh for days.
  8. Have coffee with Tim Gunn
    The day I moved to New York my mom and I ran into Tim Gunn at a diner. He said "hi" to us because we were staring at him and we couldn't say anything back. If I ever see him again I will make it a point to invite him to coffee.
  9. Share a Meal with Stanley Tucci
    He also seems very nice, and I bet he would know the best place to eat. In my head we have very intelligent conversations and share smart jokes.
  10. Take a Spontaneous Trip
    Imagine your favorite person in the world wakes you up one morning, has you pack up a weeks worth of clothes and takes you to Denmark (location not really important) Wouldn't that be amazing???
  11. Hold a Guinness World Record (in progress)
    I attempted a world record this past December! I crocheted for 35 hours straight and it was a very trying and rewarding experience. I hope I get the record!
  12. Learn Sign Language
    In an effort to become a more open and understanding person I want to learn sign language.
  13. Build an Elephant Sanctuary
    A classmate of mine did a project on elephant cruelty and it broke my heart. Hopefully my elephants and alpacas will be friends.
  14. Work at Disneyland
    Specifically, I want to work as a plaid vest. But I would also happily take a job at Pixar.
  15. Sing "The Pit" with Chris Pratt
    The episode of Parks and Rec when he writes this song is one of my favorites. I now sing this song with my sister, often replacing "Pit" and other lyrics to accommodate whatever situation we are in. But singing with Chris Pratt would be pretty cool.
  16. Be the combination of Michelle Obama, Amal Clooney, Leslie Knope, and Frida Khalo
    I want to be a smart, creative, powerful, and beautiful woman when I grow up.
  17. But My Mom a House
    My mom is the most important person in my life. She deserves way more than a house, but I know she really wants a new one.