Because when I'm 80 nobody will say I'm too young or old to do the things I want to do
  1. Constantly smell like coffee
  2. Eat butterscotch candies
  3. Eat every meal at a diner
  4. Dance to old phonograph records on Tuesday nights with my husband Wilfred
  5. Crochet always-unless I feel like knitting
  6. Smile fondly at cute couples
  7. Wear big glasses
  8. Wear keds
  9. Wear concerse
  10. Sit on park benches
  11. Read children's books
  12. Go to Disneyland and act like it's the first time I've been there
  13. Take naps
  14. Walk in the mornings
  15. Talk to young people as if I know everything because I probably will
  16. Keep flowers in every room of my home
  17. Have lunch with my 80 year old friends
  18. Write daily- I imagine myself to have a lot of interesting thoughts at 80