Unpacking to move into a new house. It's never fun. Especially when you haven't actually packed the stuff. Here are some ridiculous things that the packers have done so far.
  1. Folded in half two peacock feathers to make them fit in a box.
  2. Wrapped a paper coffee cup in paper.
  3. Wrapped a burst balloon in paper. Like it was going to burst again?
  4. Labelled a box 'clothes and bags' when it contained Apple TV and a DVD player. So easy to confuse the two.
  5. Packed stock cubes with handbags. With a laptop charging cable. None of which were near each other.
  6. Packed bedding in a box labelled stuff.
  7. Packed toys in a box labelled bedding.
  8. Unpacked a container of arts and craft stuff, wrapped each item in paper (individual glitter glue pens, for example), packed that in a box, and then put different, unwrapped items in the art and craft box, which they packed separately. It's like they're trying to make it harder.
  9. Packed the cable for the Apple TV in a different box. Which isn't labelled. And hasn't been found yet.