1. He picked me up
  2. We were wearing the same shoes
  3. We went to lunch, ate tacos
  4. He took me back to his apartment and I met his animals
  5. And we cuddled for a long time while listening to records
  6. At one point the record stopped but he didn't flip it because he didn't want to leave me
  7. After a while tho he got up and took the needle off
  8. And when he came back, we kissed for the first time
  9. And we made out for an hour
  10. We had to go to a party where we each drank 3 ciders, his hand on the small of my back, me wearing his hat
  11. We left and kissed in the car for a minute
  12. We went back to his apartment & made out more
  13. We fell asleep
  14. He took me home around 4am.