It's been a year of abundant traveling. To keep track and commemorate the experiences, here's a list of the many and varied cities where I have fallen asleep in 2015
  1. Chappaqua, New York
    Saved some money to visit a friend for the New Year on my first legit trip to the East Coast
  2. Fox River Grove, Illinois
    The hometown for a few days before returning to school
  3. Evanston, Illinois
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    Northwestern and my last quarter on campus
  4. Atlanta, Georgia
    NICAR conference with Knight Lab ♦️
  5. Hilliard, Ohio
    Took a megabus to Columbus to see my boyfriend and meet his parents over spring break
  6. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
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    The boy and I embarked on a road trip to move me into New York; Pittsburgh and his sister's apartment was the first stop
  7. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
    Stop #2 and slept on a pull-out couch near the Penn med school
  8. Queens, New York
    This was actually quite the hectic week when my Brooklyn housing turned out not so safe... As a last-minute fix, I found a place in Queens and slept on a mattress on a floor in what felt like a big, lonely city
  9. Manhattan, New York
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    Moved to midtown and a women's dorm a week and a half in. Yay? Was the best thing for me, lived with other college students too, but not much of a community in-between Chelsea and Hell's Kitchen 😈
  10. Washington, D.C.
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    Got to visit some great friends and family on a cheap weekend bus trip 🇺🇸
  11. Austin, Texas
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    A city so wonderful I sometimes have happy dreams I'm living there again. Only thing I can't miss? The 100 degree days
  12. Paris, France
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    Study abroad in the last quarter of college 🍷Je peux parler un petit peu de français
  13. Caen, Normandy, France
    On a school trip visiting the Normandy Beaches 🇺🇸🇬🇧🇨🇦🇫🇷
  14. Saint Malo, France
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    A seaside port town, the scene of piracy and 80% destroyed in WWII (mines still exist on some islands), Saint Malo was the place I stayed after visiting Mont Saint Michel (pictured here) with my class
  15. Montluçon, France
    I took a train to see a family friend in Central France, near-ish to Vichy
  16. Strasbourg, France
    Another school trip and one of the most enchanting places I visited in Europe
  17. Heidelberg, Germany
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    I promise it's the last official school trip. Heidelberg was a beautiful, old city that escaped WWII destruction (due partly to its lack of industry).
  18. Amsterdam, The Netherlands
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    Bikes, museums, flowers and beers. Nights spent with friends and sleeps at a hostel
  19. Barcelona, Spain
    The beginning of a Toussaints trip with school friends -- aka EuroSpringBreak
  20. Madrid, Spain
    Spent just 23 hours here -- But the food was excellent 🍷
  21. Seville, Spain
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    My favorite city I travelled to in Europe. When I left I wondered if I preferred it to Paris... (And since it was a hotspot for filming exotic-looking locations, there were Game of Thrones and Star Wars reenactment photos galore)
  22. Lisbon, Portugal
    Spent my first sleep here in true traveling form, curled up on a couch after an all-night bus from Spain and unable to check into my hostel room yet 😴
  23. London, UK
    MozFest 2015 ♦️ and reunion with the excellent Knight Lab crew
  24. Palluau, France
    Went with my host family to see a traditional French hunt -- by this I mean, we watched as a priest blessed la chase, horn players mounted horses and hounds took down a deer. Bonus: the house I stayed at was built in the 1600s 😳
  25. Richmond, VA
    Back in America! And a week spent visiting the boyfriend (who by this time had graduated and moved away from Evanston)
  26. Tustin, California
    Somehow the 10 children of my grandparents wrangled every sibling, spouse and descendant into California for a Christmas gathering/family reunion. For the record, that's 23 cousins aged 18-36 (and we're expecting a wave of weddings in 2018)
  27. Lake Arrowhead, California
    The last unique city of 2015 -- and although cold for California (it snowed!) it was a picturesque stay next to a man-made lake in the middle of some terrifying mountains to drive into
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