The individual cheers for when someone scores
  1. Bif- Bif Bif Bif Bif
  2. Patrick- is this the krusty krab? No this is Patrick!
  3. Bk- always open, always serving!
  4. Henry- there's not room enough for both of us in this end zone pardner ... Pew pew pew pew (everyone shoots guns in the air)
  5. Garman- locating locating... You have arrived at your destination.
  6. Jeff- When I say Jeff, you say Jeff!
  7. Burger- ham burger! Cheese burger! Butter burger!
  8. Kj- no one makes any sound, we all individually walk up and give him a sober and respectful handshake.
  9. Blackwell- roll mother fucking tide
  10. Hair- take me to the barbershop. (Sung to the tune of candyshop)
  11. Jeremy- we hand him a pumpkin spice latte and a hairbrush
  12. Roseau- someone dressed up in a Mickey Mouse costume runs on field, grabs him and carries him off into the woods. They're taking him back.
  13. Sahaj- Say what? Say haj!
  14. Jay- he gets a microphone and we force him to freestyle for a minute straight.
  15. Spielman- psycho Ben cheer from machine? Or we all make the sound from the movie psycho and then yell, 'the producer!'
  16. Lanuti- big booty big booty big booty, Lanuti awww yeah.
  17. Micky- he dresses up in a Micky mouse costume and carries Roseau off into the woods.
  18. Topher- here comes the toph, here comes the toph, you ain't even ready for it, here comes the toph!