These never really decreased in terms of ambition, especially because I assigned specific terms and conditions that negated my need for the job otherwise.
  1. A scientist - age 5. Self explanatory, scientists can change the world and make good pay. This was also before I knew what science was, which was why I thought I could do it.
  2. A doctor - age 6. Works at a smaller scale, but I still change lives and make a lot of money. I didn't know what medical science was, which was why I thought I could do it.
  3. A doctor/scientist - age 6.5. Why the fuck not?
  4. Someone who reads ??? - age 8. I realized I was stupidly bad at math and science and that the only talent I had that was worth mentioning was reading a book as fast as possible and retaining information. Was there a career where I could just read? Who knew?
  5. A writer - age 9. I wrote something and my teacher loved it and told me that I had talent. She read my story in front of the class and said I was good. And I realized that was all the validation I needed to write stories for money. This was before I knew writers didn't have a regular salary.
  6. A bestselling novelist with million dollar royalty deals and international fame - age 9.25. I found out about JK Rowling and realized a writer could change lives and make a lot of money.
  7. A novelist of literary merit who lasts through the ages - age 12. I was introduced to the world of merit reading, which meant that I realized not all books were equal, some were considered to be of higher literary merit than others. I wanted to be the next Hemingway, Fitzgerald, Steinbeck, and Harper Lee combined.
  8. A journalist who travels through war-torn places and dies at 45 covering a piece that awards a posthumous Pulitzer/other incredibly prestigious award - age 13. I realized writers don't have a regular salary, so I found out about writers who do have one. They don't even have to make up their own stories, they just write down what people tell them.
  9. A writer of considerable literary merit who also makes a fortune like JK Rowling but also a journalist who covers war torn areas and wins a posthumous Pulitzer - age 14. Why the fuck not?
  10. An English professor who writes books of considerable literary merit. Someone akin to CS Lewis and Tolkien - age 16. Who was I kidding, I didn't have the guts to be a journalist in a war torn area. I also didn't want to die at 45, but I did want a regular salary, plus literary merit. My best subject is English, why not teach it?
  11. A government analyst who works and influences East Asian foreign policy - age 17. I got really political. I also wanted to be important but without actually being a politician. I also wanted to do something that was real, tangible change not unlike being a scientist/doctor. Also, regular salary.
  12. ??????????? - age 18. I want to do something with government and foreign policy and East Asia, but I also enjoy journalism and want to publish a book someday. Also want to be rich. And I might apply for law school. Um??????