Popularity matters, damn it. Even middle-school-you knew that.
  1. Do work.
    Actually working is usually helpful when trying to gain real-life "likes". No guarantees or refunds on this advice.
  2. Bring in baked goods.
    Work-appropriate baked goods. Bonus points if you baked them yourself. Extra bonus points if you baked them yourself but also actually just bought them at Safeway.
  3. Have a candy bowl.
    Because if you can't be high, you might as well be sugar-high.
  4. Don't be "that" coworker.
    Have gross-smelling food you want to microwave and eat at work? Don't.
  5. Act interested.
    It's like meeting your SO's parents. You want them to love you and think you're great even though you don't really care about how great the sale at Macy's was.
  6. Have a candy bowl.
    Did I say this already?
  7. Do you.
    But in a more exciting and helpful kind of way.