With the announcement of the Playdoh movie, here are other movies based on toys I'd like to see
  1. Shoots & Ladders
    Detectives Shoots and Ladders must put their differences behind them and team up to solve the case that drove them apart.
  2. Bop It
    In a post apocalyptic wasteland, an eclectic group must band together and seek out a mysterious device, which may be the key to their survival.
  3. Simon
    In the near distant future, society is no longer plagued by religious or political differences, instead following the law of its new leader, SIMON, until one man attempts to fight back.
  4. Pogs
    In a Mortal Kombat like tournament, Pogs fight for ultimate glory until Slammer arrives from the netherworld, brining dishonor to the once noble battle.
  5. Skip-It
    A young girl's Christmas gift goes awry when she learns her skip it is a bomb and will go off unless she keeps it above 50 rotations a minute.
  6. mall madness
    a charismatic cop fights to save his daughter and the day when german terrorists take hostages during a black friday sale at the mall.
    Suggested by @lindsaygelfand
  7. Dream Phone
    Dating in the modern age is not easy, especially for Cassandra who has had nothing back bad luck with guys. But when she receives a magical phone that sends her on a journey to find Mr. Right, she learns you can't force true love.