1. They're evil
    All the founders were super racist and one of them wrote a long ass book about the inherent intellectual superiority of the white race. The sat was purposely written to give Jewish and immigrant Americans lower scores than they deserved.
  2. They're registered as a nonprofit
    AP tests cost $91, yo. The ceo makes more than a million each year
  3. They're classist
    Poor kids can't take the sat a million times and improve their score, and because the test is designed so you can study for it instead of just testing your aptitude kids without test preparation resources can't do as well as those with
  4. They have a monopoly
    Many schools still require the sat. There are no equal alternatives to ap tests.
  5. They said psat scores would be posted on January 7
    It is currently 01/07/16 12:42:35. WHERE ARE MY SCORES