1. I've always been the kind of person to throw myself into my friendships. I don't make halfhearted friends — I make friends that are my entire heart and soul.
  2. And sometimes that's a good thing.
  3. And sometimes it's not.
  4. A lot of my friends in the past have been friends of a specific mold. Good friends, great friends, but there was something about them.
  5. Friends filled with drama. Friendships filled with fights. Friend groups that talk about each other when people walk away.
  6. Friends who sometimes say mean things just for the sake of being mean.
  7. And don't get me wrong. They are good, great people. Good, great friends. They are supportive and funny and smart and nice.
  8. But people like me in friendships like those have a hard time.
  9. People like me in friendships like those sometimes have a really hard time.
  10. Sometimes people like me feel themselves fall apart in friendships like those. Sometimes they spend a lot of time feeling empty and awful and angry and sad.
  11. But lately I've been making a different type of friend.
  12. A better type of friend, I think.
  13. (I hope.)
  14. Friends that don't fight. That's a new thing for me. A revolutionary thing.
  15. Friends who like each other a lot. Almost always.
  16. Friends who don't say bad things when the others aren't around. Because they don't think those bad things.
  17. Friends who are more proud than jealous.
  18. Friends who's comments don't sometimes drip with malice.
  19. Kind friends.
  20. And friends like these make life feel a little better.
  21. And they make people like me feel a little better.