@lesbian did u invent this
  1. Get home from school and walk ur dogs until you are sweaty and exhausted
  2. Take your braid out and watch your hair take up eight cubic feet
  3. Pretend you're @lesbian or something
  4. Get caught up in taking shower selfies
  5. Freak out that you're gonna drown your phone and put it down
  6. Get out of the shower and realize u have to air dry and streak to your room because there are no towels
  7. Put this lotion that @DOGDAD gave you on your dry crusty legs
  8. Ponder the source of the mysterious scratches on your arm
  9. Read this gay book and cry even though you have no time
  10. Promise yourself you're done crying and put on mascara that isn't waterproof
  11. Blow your hair dry while having a breakdown but not crying because you can't afford that
  12. Realize you're actually late and have no more time to take pictures and list; put on your mom's eyeshadow and put clear mascara in your eyebrows
    Take this picture afterwards even tho it looks like you're wearing nothing
  13. Put like eight ounces of product in your frizzy hair and run out the door while screaming
  14. That's how we do it boys and girls