From lamest to coolest
  1. Pulled my hamstring stretching
    Awful. It was the first night of a three day camp and I was out the whole time. Didn't even have a cool story.
  2. Getting a nose bleed from bumping my googles on my nose when I took them off
    This happened three times because I get nose bleeds so often. It's really annoying.
  3. Hit in the knuckle with a ball
    Started with stinging pain, went totally numb for an hour, then had shouting pain from my elbow to my fingertip for two weeks.
  4. Ball to the lip
    This happened while I was in the jv game, which makes it less cool. I was playing down because the team didn't have enough players. I wish I had a picture. My lip immediately swelled until I had a quarter sized lump. It was hard to talk for a few hours. This happened three days before school started, and the swelling went down before then but I still had a bruised, cut lip.
  5. Hit in the chest with the ball
    Knocked the wind out of me and gave me a bruise but no big deal. This was freshman year and when I asked how long until I could go back in everyone knew I meant business.
  6. Scraped in the thigh with a stick
    A girl jammed her stick into my leg and pulled it up, so I had a crazy bruise with a scrape on top. It looked sick as hell.