Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. My grandma used to be the kind of person who went all out for Christmas.
    Lights, lawn figures, snow globes, a kick ass tree, all of it. She even put ribbon on all the windows to look like presents.
  2. She's had some heart problems over the past six years, and a few years ago she finally decided she couldn't decorate as intensely anymore.
  3. So she gave away her Christmas stuff.
    Of course, because she's a grandma and grandmas love Christmas, she bought all new decorations the next year, but I digress.
  4. One of the things we got was a huge music box.
    By huge I mean on a music box scale, maybe a foot by a foot and a half and eight inches tall
  5. This music box was decorated with a Christmas scene and played festive bell music whenever you walked in front of it.
  6. It was really annoying.
    The music was loud.
  7. By January I learned to tune it out. I barely noticed when it played.
    Out of necessity, because it was SO annoying. Also, I leave my Christmas stuff up really late. Don't judge.
  8. An important thing to add to this story is I am always the last person to go to bed in my house.
    This is partially because I am an AP student and partially because I am a terrible procrastinator.
  9. On the night of this particular incident I was staying up really really late, maybe 3 o'clock in the morning?
  10. Of course, all of my family members were asleep. Both of my dogs were also sleeping upstairs.
    I was downstairs, awake and alone.
  11. I was furiously typing an essay and not really paying attention to anything around me.
  12. And then I realized that the music box and then playing. It had been playing for a while.
  13. Which meant that whatever had set it off wasn't necessarily still in the other room, where the music box was.
  14. And then, I swear to god, the room became ice cold.
    I'm talking a thirty degree drop.
  15. I took off up the stairs hysterical crying.
    I'm surprised I didn't wake my family up.
  16. This year when my mom took the Christmas stuff out, I threw it away.
    If there are any fucking ghosts in my house I'm okay not knowing about it.