This is like private but I love drama and I have to share
  1. So there's this kid Daysan who is new to our school as of the beginning of this year
  2. And at the very very beginning of the year I was like I'm totally taking Daysan to prom this year
  3. And then I became friends with him and he's a weirdo so that was done with
    Like I lowkey hate him
  4. So flash forward
  5. My friends and I were all convinced he was gay
    And I mean CONVINCED
  6. And he asked one of my male friends to slow dance at prom so we were like !!!!! Okay Daysan!
  7. So we were convinced Daysan was gay and into the one friend
    And I wanted them to like, become a thing
  8. So then I was snapchatting him two days after prom and he goes how was your prom and I was like oh good how was yours and he goes good but I have some regrets and I go what do you regret Daysan
  9. And he was like oh I wish I had a better bow tie and a pocket square and I wish I danced with someone other than your friend
  10. And I go oh who do you wish you danced with
  11. Static
  12. And then he goes oh I was being sarcastic and I was like lol and moved on
  13. So later I was like so tell me who it was
  14. And he goes I already told you
  15. Static
  16. So I sent omg like three times
  17. And he goes yeah I walked by your table but I chickened out and asked your friend instead and then there were a few more songs I couldn't ask
  18. And then he goes that's a lot of screen shots and I was like yep yep and totally changed the subject
  19. So later he goes do you want to interrogate me on the phone and I was like idk idk bro
  20. And he goes can I call you tonight and I was like okay bro alright
  21. And then like ten minutes later I was like I can't cope w this and sent him goodnight Daysan I'm going to bed
  22. We sit like two feet from each other in English and I did not even glance at him once today
    Even though we're reading Hamlet and my character talked to his a million times
  23. Buddy pal pls internalize ur feelings like the rest of us