None of these include jobs. All of them include dogs.
  1. I live in a little apartment in New York filled with cactuses and art I buy at street fairs. I have a French bulldog named Cecilia and I take her to the park every day. I eat at trendy salad restaurants and go to museums at night.
  2. I live in a cabin with mountains all around me. My house is filled with cozy quilts. I have an Australian cattle dog, those ones with all the black, white, and tan spots, named Oslo, and a German Shepard named Henry. We go hiking and camping every weekend, and my hiking boots are by the door. There's no light pollution so we see all the stars.
  3. I live on a private beach, a quarter mile from the next house. I get up at six every morning to swim. I have a greyhound named Callie and she loves to run across the beach and mess up sand castles. There's always sand on the floor, no matter how hard I try to sweep it up. I eat waffles at the breakfast shop in town.
  4. I live in a big, old house in a small town. There's big trees around the whole property, and inside there's a library room with shelves that take up the whole walls. A river runs through the backyard and sometimes there are ducks. I have a basset hound named Sydney and a Newfoundland named April. I make fancy breakfasts for myself and my dogs.