Five years of midterms and four years of finals have led to some interesting experiences
  1. Fallen asleep
    During my ap bio midterm - YIKES
  2. Gone to the bathroom three times during the same exam
  3. Accidentally dumped my 32 ounce water bottle on the floor
  4. Came back from the bathroom to find something gooey and brown smeared on my seat
    ??? It wasn't there before?
  5. French braided my hair in the bathroom
  6. Called my mom from the bathroom
  7. Spilled coffee all over my scantron
  8. Eaten two slices of pizza slowly over two hours
  9. Gotten distracted for ten minutes by the way the leaves were blowing outside
  10. Left
    Okay, I had already handed my exam in, but this is really really not allowed. I literally just walked out and went home.