1. Me and one of my best friends Elinor are friends with Laura and Kat.
    They are also best friends. They are in college and we are in high school.
  2. We don't see them a lot so last year over their spring breaks we tried to plan to do something together.
  3. We were going to all watch Star Wars because Elinor and I had never seen any of them and Kat and Laura are obsessed.
  4. Then we realized they didn't have the same break so we would only do it with Laura.
    I was better friends with Kat so I was already mad.
  5. So Laura decided we would marathon the original trilogy.
    WHY would you do that to people who have never seen the movies before?
  6. Side note: I was exhausted and had just cracked my phone, fixed it, and cracked it again in the course of two days
  7. So spirits were not high
  8. We realized we didn't have enough time, so Laura fast forwarded through "the boring parts"
    Only 10-15 minutes of each, but still
  9. I complained the whole time. So did Elinor. The complaining got increasingly aggressive.
  10. I only have bad memories of the experience and Star Wars is ruined for me.
  11. Also the entire original trilogy doesn't pass the Bechdel Test.