Did you catch that sick alliteration
  1. Okay so Friday-Sunday I was in DC with eight kids from my jsa chapter for winter congress
  2. Jsa stands for junior state of America and its basically a politics/debate club! For winter congress we model the congressional system and submit bills and speak about them.
    Jsa is also entirely student run and the largest student run organization in the country!
  3. Um so on the first day the bus left from school at 4:30 am that was fun
  4. And we got to DC at like noon. We went to see the American history smithsonian and then went to see Scalia's wake.
    Not a Scalia fan but it was pretty historic. The line went down the whole block, the whole next block, and looped around back to almost the beginning of the block.
  5. We waited for like two hours and we were so close to the front and then the line totally stopped and they started blocking all the streets?
  6. And then like half an hour passed and we were like oh my fucking God Obama is coming? And we didn't know where to go so we were just running around the block and finally we just picked a random corner and we were waiting there??
  7. And then the motorcade started driving by and in the fourth car we saw BARACK OBAMA LEADER OF THE FREE WORLD WITH OUR OWN EYES
  8. And then the next day we went into the congress, it was amazing and debating was so fun. Also since its student run that adds a really unique element to it, like when you're talking about politics with only your peers
  9. I was supporting a bill to ban gay conversion therapy and me and my friend were the main speakers and it passed unanimously at the committee level?!?
    And like that doesn't ever happen in Jsa
  10. Also it was 75 degrees out and it's winter?? It was amazing
  11. We went on a moonlit monument tour and witnessed this
  12. Static
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  15. And then me and my friends decided to pull and all nighters cause we're fucking crazy
    We actually ended up getting like an hour and a half of sleep but still
  16. Cory booker followed me on Twitter and called me an inspiration???
  17. The next day the bill I was on had so much support there was literally zero debate?? It passed 119-0 in the senate and nearly unanimously in the house
  18. Also there were these wonderful girls named madi and maddy who I'm in love with who had the funniest bill called the liberal agenda. We added amendments like end ownership, replace the Declaration of Independence with the declaration of sentiments, and abolish the Republican Party
  19. And then on the bus home I made an agreement with my generally closed off friend to exchange one big ticket thing we don't tell people
    This is a little anxiety inducing but also good and also cole if you're reading this ily
  20. And we played fuck marry kill and never have I ever and had like extensive conversations about masturbating
  21. I love everyone from the trip so much we got so close
  22. That's us
  23. Static
  24. God bless 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸