It's likely there will be a part two in the near future. Probably a three and four as well.
  1. Roller skating
    Egregious is the word. I should be detained for public indecency when I'm rolling around out there.
  2. Pool
    I'm good enough to look like I may know what I'm doing, but I just can't get those darn balls in those darn pockets.
  3. Fishing
    The fish have caught on to me apparently.
  4. Accents
    As Stan Kroenke is to the NFL, so I am to accents.
  5. Waking up
    I prefer to think of this one as good at sleeping.
  6. Grocery shopping
    Somehow I never get home with enough food.
  7. Dancing
    I may not be able to keep up with all the hip hop bubblegum stuff, but I can cut a rug to "Tulsa Time."
  8. Super Smash Bros
    Possibly my most detestable quality, or lack thereof. In my defense I was a PlayStation kid.
  9. Singing
  10. Driving with my knees
  11. Using chopsticks