Rolling up a new adventurer and need an idea of whom to play? Here's my list of some of the best Dungeons and Dragons characters you can play!
  1. Aetherwind, the Elf
  2. Flint Cracklebones, the Dwarf
  3. Feartooth Grymm, the Dragonborn Cleric
  4. Maester Thilomancy, the short Human Wizard instructor
  5. Locas Barleysheath, the Halfling Rogue who just wants to get away from it all
  6. Exoplanet Diogenes, the Infernal Accountant
  7. Ser Lariat Thighbrand, the S&M Paladin
  8. Bear, a bear
  9. Megapaws Thunderroar, also a bear
  10. Henry 'Chubb' Thickebody, also a bear
  11. Llasolin, an Elf
  12. Ancalagon Jones, Dragon Detective
  13. Mysandrys, the Troll-Hunter
  14. SKARRRRL, the Eric, you don't have to yell just because you're playing an orc
  15. Wisdom Teeth, the Mouth-Seer
  16. Skorpus Sillandra, the Foe Stealer
  17. Rock-Tummy, the Halfling that compulsively eats rocks.
  18. Calcium Sam, the Skeleton Cowboy
  19. Dirk Dirk, the Ranger that wields two dirks on the range
  20. Thesolania Elin Estaragohad, Third of Her Name, the Hope that Glimmers in the Darkness, the Human Warrior
  21. Cacofex the Belcher
  22. Liam Twinhorns, the roguish knave hiding his dark past as a minotaur
  23. Estaria Quel'alyn, another fucking elf
  24. Slabb Mineralbear, a dwarf that moonlights as a bear