1. Walking past the chain-link fence of the vacant lot.
  2. Running my hands along said fence (I'm so cool).
    Why does this always feel so good? Maybe it's just the satisfaction of the clinking sound.
  3. The penis that's carved into the cement outside of the middle eastern restaurant.
  4. The branches that have somehow managed to grow around and within the chain-link fences on Holland St.
  5. When the wind carries the scent of Concord grapes right into my face on Gorham street.
  6. Trying to look inside people's windows at their kitchens/living rooms.
  7. The statue of the Virgin Mary/Madonna: Botticelli's Birth of Venus-style in the half-shell, not a bathtub Mary.
    Thanks to my ex-boyfriend for teaching me this stuff and now whenever I see a Mary shrine I will have to think of him. Note that I did not know this was a Somerville-specific phenomenon until I Googled it, just now. Mind blown.
  8. Grabbing a fistful of lavender when I pass the bushes outside of the florist.
  9. Always having to watch where I step on the uneven brick sidewalks. I am very clumsy, obviously.
  10. Sometimes I use my keychain flashlight to pretend I am in the Billie Jean music video.
  11. Sometimes I use my keychain flashlight to pretend I am in a club and they are playing Sandstorm.