It may be Festivus for the rest of you, but December 23rd has been my birthday for as long as I've been around, which is 28 years. Here are moments that made me feel kinda grown up while I was 27!
  1. Cooked a steak for the first time!!
    I like it well done, ok??!!!
  2. I got my tonsils out this year and went under anesthesia, which scared me as I have never had surgery before.
  3. If you don't know much about adult tonsillectomies they have a reputation of being EXTREMELY PAINFUL. So I was terrified of and stressed out about the recovery (and whether my singing voice would recover).
  4. It honestly wasn't bad at all. Lol.
  5. The worst part of the surgery was when the person I had been dating for 3 months and been crediting as my "first 'adult' relationship" started to ignore me as a means of breaking up with me.
  6. But as devastating as that was (I didn't sleep for a month), I handled it better than any other breakup I've been through.
  7. I cried a lot and drank a lot of green smoothies??
  8. Refused to take shit from a lot of people.
  9. Became a nicer, more forgiving, person instead of the cynical bitch I lean towards being.
  10. Got an opportunity to visit Germany and France for the first time. Berlin, I miss you💔.
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  11. Tried to say "yes!" more to parties and shows.
  12. Got to see 2 of my favorite franchises graduate to the next level (JP & SW ftw).
  13. Yesterday I signed up for a 401k plan just to get it in under the wire.