A true story, with inspiration from my friend Ross.
  1. I got this marketing email.
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  2. I pushed my glasses up and thought, in a nasally voice, "um... Actually. It's light speed."
  3. I agonized ever whether to respond.
  4. I felt bad for being THAT GUY....
  5. to a content marketer who should know that if you're gonna use the lingo of an international franchise you should google first.
  6. FYI.... "Warp Speed" is Star Trek, folks!!!
  7. I continued to debate with myself about being a "corrector," about, of all things, Star Wars. 🙈
  8. But The Force was too strong 🤓
  9. I gave in and emailed them to apologetically point out their egregious error.
  10. They were gracious about it and said "you passed our test!"
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  11. But at what cost!!!
  12. Ok. I am over this now. Even if I come across like a nerdy asshole.
  13. I leave you with words of wisdom from Obi Wan Kenobi:
  14. "Live long and prosper."