ongoing effort to show more gratitude in my life.
  1. Jill - get drunk and rent Thir13en Ghosts👻
    We do this because we love Matt Lillard, Tony Shaloub, and F. Murray Abraham. When this happens she usually makes me chicken nuggets (Applegate Organics).
  2. James- go to the movies.📽
    I have a lot of great memories of seeing movies with James, mainly because he's down to see anything I want to see (from Straight Outta Compton to Crimson Peak). Went to see Dumb and Dumber this summer playing in the park near The Somerville theater... His suggestion, and he nerded the fuck out the whole time. It was great.
  3. Ross- AIM, gchat, whatevs. 💻
    OK, so Ross and I do a lot of things together, but my favorite thing... When he was in Worcester and I was in NYC for college, he and I used to watch episodes of 24 and the Wire and I think occasionally LOST on our computers and IM each other the whole time talking about the show.
  4. Alicia- Wine. Lots of it. And trivia.🍷
    A lot of our bonding is centered around drinking wine, taking advantage of unlimited bread and dip at Not Your Average Joes, and trying to analyze the crazy little company for which we work. Occasionally we get too drunk at trivia because she knows all the useful facts and I know all the media.