I've always loved making paper lists. Or in my head. This is quite a different experience. Tagged by @nathanveshecco.
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    I was so excited to download this app...and as soon as I did I fell in love.
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    All the different functions to making great lists, and tell stories in bullets, and none of them were like buzzfeed bs (though I see a LOT of people on here that want to work for BF).
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    I used to love to write, and I was so excited at the possibility of getting a new medium to experiment with.
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    But I have a terrible memory... I spend a lot of time writing lists in my head, and then I forget them. Trying to be better about this.
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    I also want to use this tool for mindfulness.
    Sample lists I have conceived are more "things I loved on this walk," daily gratitude pieces, lists of favorite sounds, meditative stream of consciousness lists, memories, etc.
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    I am a little worried I'll get too into the pop culture stuff, which I love so it's not a negative judgement.
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    While people say this is a "very supportive app and community!" I guess I don't know how much I agree with that. I've seen pockets of cliques.
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    But also maybe I am just a loner.
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    A loner who is bad at social media
    I don't have Facebook. I barely use my Twitter (drunk musings mostly). I use Instagram occasionally (yllwbrckrd on both if you wanna follow). But mainly I am too lazy to keep up with those things.
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    I thought this would be my perfect social media!
    Still getting the hang of "social." 😳
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    How do I make friends here?
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    Am I as funny as i think I am?
    People laugh the majority of the time I make a joke.πŸ€—
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    Am I funny enough for this community?
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    Am I funny at all?
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    Am I even insightful?
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    I hate typing on my phone does this mean I am way old?
    It hurts my hands and my eyes, πŸ‘΅πŸ» and I can't edit my work πŸ“ the way I'd normally want to.
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    I want to use pictures, but it can be a hassle to download.
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    Yup. Old. Elderly. I'll basically be in assisted living by next year.
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    There are so many emojis. How will I ever take advantage of all of them?? πŸ—œlike, why?