This is what I'd text someone if I had friends who weren't busy/cared.
  1. The company I work for is 15 people. I can't even tell you how huge this will be for everyone but especially me.
  2. I am so happy and proud of her for making a decision that's going to make her enjoy her days more.
  3. We're a really tight knit group of folks.
  4. She's so above and beyond what her job has ever been... In intelligence, professionalism, and poise.
  5. She was the first friend "my age" (2 years younger despite her Rogue grey stripe, which she now colors away) at my company.
  6. She's very introverted and only speaks when she needs to. So of course, I talked at her ceaselessly and invited her to parties with me until she had no choice but to talk back.
  7. I met her at a time when... 1) I had left NYC. 2) JK I was basically driven out of NYC by an ex friend/more than friend. 3) been working in retail for 2 years and living in with my parents and saw no future for myself. 4) felt the most alone. Until now.
  8. Of all the people I've ever met, she's the most yin to my yang. She's quiet; I won't shut up. She's practical; I'm emotional.
  9. We sometimes mused about going into business together.
  10. Despite she and I looking very different (she's slender and petite... I'm not lol) more than one person has asked us if we're sisters. We're both brunettes with blue eyes.
  11. I was with her when she met her current boyfriend, with whom she is living. And we went to see Jurassic Park 3D with him and his friends.
  12. I'm scared,
  13. like all my friends,
  14. she's about to disappear.