I am seeing the Force Awakens tonight and one thing I cannot wait for is the new music!! Ok John Williams--Let's do this.
  1. Theme of the Force (duh)
    If you don't get chills when Luke looks up at the binary sunset on Tatooine I just don't know if you are human.
  2. Imperial March/Darth Vader's Theme
    It doesn't have the same poetic-ness as Williams' Jaws theme, but this is epic and chilling perfection... A perfect representation of evil in all its glory. It's also wonderfully revisited and reworked in Phantom Menace as Anakin's theme.
  3. The Rebel Fanfare
    There's way too much to say about this invigorating motif/call to arms. It's kind of self-explanatory.
  4. Luke's Theme - Title Melody
    You know, iconic and all that jazz--perfect punctuation to begin and end the film. In truth I never knew this was Luke's theme. When I found out it seemed odd--Luke never seemed to have the grandiosity that this theme definitely has. After a few listens it made perfect sense. It is both wonderfully heroic and pure.
  5. Across the Stars
    Hands down the only good thing to come out of Attack of the Clones. Williams creates a perfect melancholy melody, foreshadowing the star-crossed love of Anakin and Padme...it almost makes you care about them for a millisecond and believe that their love might be as pure as Lucas wants you to believe it is. Gross.
  6. Yoda's Theme
    For me, John Williams makes me believe in magic and purity with this theme. FUN FACT: This theme is actually used briefly in E.T. for an adorable cross-over moment.
  7. Han and Leia
  8. Rey's Theme
    Added this on 12/18/2015 😍😍😍😍
  9. Duel of the Fates
    I've seen Phantom Menace less than 4 times in my life. I, like other fanatics, detest the prequels, and yet for me it's hard to imagine the entire Star Wars canon existing without this theme.