Greeting cards that made me laugh

I work for a couple greeting card companies so I'm in a lot of card stores. Just a few that made me laugh.
  1. A Mother's Day card from this year. I love it.
  2. Kind of perfect.
  3. It's funny and probably accurate for some people I know.
  4. This one I have to print the inside below because I doubt people would believe it. We had to go into bed, bath and beyond to specifically remove this card.
  5. The inside. Yeah, I probably wouldn't ever give it to anyone but I love that they probably printed thousands.
  6. Inside below . These didn't sell for some reason . Go figure .
  7. Another card that I love that they made. Unfortunately, they don't make it anymore. I bought 3 and this is the only one I have left. Inside below,
  8. It's old but it's so me.
  9. I used to think this was funnier.. Now I think it's probably true . Inside below .
  10. See? Less funny as you age.
  11. Might be my favorite card
  12. Nice.