Not random pictures from my phone

Yeah, I picked them out cause I like them
  1. City Hall San Francisco
    After the Paris bombings. I just happened to be in the city that night and walked by.
  2. Car I dented last month
    My car was fine. The woman I hit was so angry, I thought she was gonna stroke out. These things happen .
  3. Lemons from my tree
    It took about 5 minutes to pick these. We got a lotta lemons.
  4. My favorite picture
    My children , probably around 1990.
  5. My dachshund Finn
    He was a super relaxed puppy.
  6. Way too much Nutella
    I know someone who buys Nutella at Costco and when he can fill a huge box, he sends it to the Philippines.
  7. My daughter with a boa constrictor
    When she was 6, she had a party at the science museum. I also have a picture of her holding a tarantula .
  8. Hummingbird babies
    The nest was the size of half a kiwi. It was in my camellia tree. They were so sweet.
  9. Jesse's bench
    It's at the nearby dog park. I go there all the time. He was my son. We miss him .
  10. The last puzzle I finished
    Harder than I thought it would be.