1. LinkedIn
    Either I know the person and hate them or I don't care enough . Either way , I'm not joining LinkedIn . Ever.
  2. Adobe Flash Player
    They want me to update . Usually I'm in the middle of entering my hours for work. Sometimes I try to update and it doesn't work. Can't I just use what I have?
  3. The New Yorker
    I like when they send me stories. But please stop asking me to get a subscription . I have a subscription. That's why you have my email address.
  4. The New York Times , SF Chronicle
    Same as the New Yorker. I have a subscription . I don't think we need to email .
  5. Some guy telling me I can clear up my student loan debt
    When I went to college, my parents were nice enough to pay. I have no student loans. Thanks now go away.
  6. The website I Love Dachshunds
    I love them too. Really. But do you have to send me email sometimes twice a day?
  7. Blue Apron
    I looked at your website once. It looks really good but I can't afford it. I never ordered from you. I don't care what's on the menu next week.