Way too many dachshund themed items

I have 3 dachshunds . So people give me things with dachshunds on them. Lots and lots of dachshundy things. Here's a small sample. It's ridonkulous .
  1. Sad Weiner chewing gum
    I found this in Chinatown in San Francisco . Hey, it's Chinatown ,jake.
  2. Dachshund soap
    A lovely gift. I feel bad using it.
  3. Dachshund wine.
    Not really the best wine but it has a great bottle
  4. Corn on the cob holders
    We've used these. More fun than the ones that look like tiny corn.
  5. Wooden puzzle that spells dachshund
    People are creative.
  6. A plethora of pins
    I will probably wear them all at once when I'm like 90.
  7. Cookie cutters
  8. Some crazy weird Danish modern(?) wooden sculpture
    It's slightly frightening .
  9. Salt and pepper shaker
    Not sure exactly what the fire hydrant is for
  10. Brass bookends
    In addition to looking cool, they're really heavy. So could be a weapon too.
  11. Paper mache dog head on a stick w/ ribbons from Mexico and it rattles when shaken
    I am pretty sure it's a dachshund though it sort of resembles Triumph , the insult dog.
  12. Dachshund braided rug
    No one is allowed to step on it.
  13. Dachshund books
    Picasso and David Hockney had dachshunds
  14. Dachshund books
    Children's books
  15. Salt and pepper shaker
    Very old and not sure how it works since one end is salt and the other is pepper.
  16. Card holder?
    My mother's friend gave me this. Not sure what it's for. I think the tail holds things? I don't know.
  17. I'll stop now because I'm scaring myself . The sad thing is there is quite a bit more. I may add more later. Please, don't judge.