This year has not been my favorite and if this is the universe telling me life is a constant struggle, I get it. You can stop now. Enough.
  1. The entire election
    So nasty, so negative, no ugly. Just a constant bummer. The fact that Trump won is bad enough. That he has already surpassed my extremely low expectations of him is really making me feel hopeless.
  2. My son's girlfriend's brother committed suicide
    This in itself is horrible. Add to that fact that my own older son committed suicide 11 years ago. They both did it in November. They were both 25. They both jumped off the Golden Gate Bridge. Really. Two people who are together lose their brothers in the same way 11 years apart. WTF.
  3. The Oakland Warehouse Fire
    I just keep reading about more people being found. It's so sad and so local. My daughter worked with someone who went to the party and is still missing.
  4. Like I said, let's call this year done and try to move forward. Bonnie out.