Home Improvement Projects

I have made a determination to be more handy around our home.
  1. If women don't find you handy at least they will find you handsome. I want both.
  2. Our home has lots of projects that need to be done and I need the practice.
  3. This home improvement stuff is hard work. I went to college so I wouldn't have to do hard work. I like work but am finding out that it is "hard work" and I am not in shape for such work.
  4. I love to sweat because I feel manly! I know the woman in my life loves a sweaty man.
  5. I'm sure my younger children see my example as a true DIY kind of dad.
  6. I get to spend more quality time with my older son and son in law.
    Thanks Devin and AJ.
  7. It's good excercise and heaven knows I need that.
  8. The pool sure feels good after working hard.