Yoga on social media , you either hate it or you love it. Here are some reasons to love it.
  1. Inspires people to start yoga
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    I too share on social parts of my yoga practice and have several messages from people saying I have nspired them to try yoga. It makes my day when this happens.
  2. Connects teachers with students
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    Being connected to your favorite yoga instructor and having access to interact with them, ask them questions and continue to learn off the mat is an awesome reason to love social media as a yogi.
  3. Inspires a positive community
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    The best part of social media, you choose who to follow! You can create a place where only accounts and people that resonate with you and inspire you fill your feed.
  4. Holds people accountable to practice
    As much negativity as there is around yoga challenges, at least they hold people to be accountable and inspire daily practice!