Yoga on social media , you either hate it or you love it. Here are some reasons to hate it.
  1. Ego boosting
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    Most yogis posting yoga pose photos online only do so to boost their egos. They put self worth in the form of likes and followers. And don't get me started on yoga in bikinis .. Try that in an actual class.. Spoiler alert: you will have multiple nip slips.
  2. Promoting unsafe practicing
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    A lot of the online yoga challenges focus on poses and encourage people to try things without safe instructions or help. Even big apparel lines post photos promoting unsafe alignment- this makes teachers cringe!
  3. Focusing on poses
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    Yoga is so much more than the asanas! It's about the breath, the disconnect of the stressful world and the connection of your mind and body. Many of these insta yoga challenges completely disregard a large portion of what yoga is.
  4. Deceiving
    Many of these "insta yogis" have never taken an actual yoga class and I've even seen people boasting about it. Just putting your body into a yoga asana does not mean your a yogi or practice yoga. Please take a class, you'll probably enjoy it!