My son is 10yrs old. And we have given him all the opportunities we could. And here is a list of all the ones he's quit.
  1. Karate
    Here he was about 5yrs old. He didn't like the fact that it took up part of his break (recess) time.
  2. Tennis
    He didn't like his new coach.
  3. Rugby
    He didn't like the running (and I had bought everything new)
  4. Piano
    He didn't like to practice
  5. Recorder
    He liked the instrument, but then didn't want to play it anymore after the first lesson. (Yes, I had bought one of these as well)
  6. Golf
    He got bored (2 sets of golf clubs that I had bought, now wasted)
  7. Guitar
    He just didn't want to anymore, even though he begged me to buy him one - which we did.
  8. Choir
    He didn't want to carry on, even after the teacher begged him to stay.
  9. Crossfit for kids
    He begged me to join, then it was a fight every afternoon to get him into the car to go to Crossfit.