After 4 years, I'm leaving the Big Mango and heading back to America...for some reason. This list will always be evolving, but here is what I'm thinking about now...
  1. Motorcycle Taxis
    Yes, I could die, but sometimes there are distances that are just too far to walk and too short to taxi.
  2. The Food
    There is so much more than pad thai and green curry. Som Tam, laab, pad krapao (runny egg only), nam tok...sigh. And it's everywhere.
  3. My 'hood
    I live in a great neighborhood: Ari. It's convenient but also removed. Plus, all the vendors know my order. Because I'm adorable, I'm sure.
  4. Cost of Living
    Exciting, I know. But for a major city, it is so reasonable! A nice night out with a few drinks and a good meal can be $30. I'm ruined.
  5. Coconut water
    On the street! For a dollar! For awhile I thought it tasted like warm vomit, but then I came around. Especially when I'm hungover.
  6. Coke in a bag
    Or Fanta in a bag. Get your mind out of the gutter
  7. Chatuchak
    I don't know why I love this market so much. It's massive, hectic, hot...but it has my heart.
  8. Movies!
    For a movie lover in general, Bangkok cinemas are a dream. From standing up for the king's anthem before to the flavored popcorn (half caramel/half butter, natch). All of it for $7.
  9. Why am I leaving again?