Just like Oprah.
  1. Without fail, I will question if I closed/locked my door once I'm too far to turn around and check.
  2. I will re-watch Friday Night Lights once a year.
  3. As I get older, I realize everything is like a Monet. (Thank you, Clueless.)
  4. French fries can make or break a meal.
  5. If a conversation is struggling, it's probably time for you to ask about the other person.
  6. Britney isn't "back". I get this text once a year. Notify me when she's dancing like she doesn't have that secret rod in her back.
  7. Kelly Clarkson should be more popular.
  8. The Dixie Chicks were robbed.
  9. I will always be the last at the table to order and I will always regret my decision.
  10. I have overthought this.