1. Dinosaur wrangler a la Chris Pratt in Jurassic World
  2. Gym owner.
    But not like a cute gym that does Pilates and mommy and me yoga classes, but like a hardcore Fight-Club-esque, Danny-Castellano-attending gym.
  3. CEO of a giant company but in control of her shit.
    How come whenever we see a female lead in a high power role she's always fucking up some aspect of her life? I want to see a badass lady CEO who's got her shit on lock. I picture @mindy in this role. Leo Dicaprio would play her dog groomer turned love interest.
  4. Tom Hanks.
    a lady Tom Hanks would be the coolest person I've ever met in my life I think. I would immediately feel at ease with her. I picture her as being the only cool gynecologist in a group of boring crusty dudes. She would be opposite Pierce Brosnan, playing one of her medical interns. Very Grey's Anatomy, but better because of Lady Tom Hanks.
  5. Computer wizard that isn't socially awkward.
    Why are all computer wizards socially awkward and why are they all written off as clumsy geeks with glasses and a Mtn Dew addiction? I want a super hot computer geek who hacks high level companies in between seducing many attractive men and not wearing converse and a hoodie.
  6. A higher-up position than the male lead and she STAYS THERE.
    In almost every rom-com where the female starts off in a higher position, she is almost always replaced by the dude at work. "she's the best at what she does!" everyone whispers around her, but just you wait! Average male is coming soon to show you just how much better he is than you at your job that you've worked so hard to get and you'll be ok with it because you want his genitals around you!
  7. A POC.
    Please. We are more than just the best friend character. Please give me a Korean goddess, or a South African beauty, or a Pakistani hottie. Give me something besides another hot white girl. Please.