It's 12:13 AM. I've had a glass or two of wine. Let's fuckin do this.
  1. If I should or should not eat the giant pot of fettuccine I have in my fridge.
  2. How long it would take for me to go get an extra large Coke slurpee.
  3. If I can actually do everything that I want to do.
  4. Why people on TV only drink wine or tequila shots.
  5. Why do I feel so alone and then immediately feel stupid about feeling alone afterwards.
  6. Who would answer my texts right now.
  7. That I should really really really be doing homework right now.
  8. That I'm going to probably watch another three episodes of Private Practice instead.
  9. Why my past love interests didn't work and if they're happier now without me in their life.
  10. Why dogs are so fucking rad.
  11. Why am I not internet famous yet.