to everyone I've been a dick to:
  1. I'm sorry for being shitty and caring about a boy more than your wellbeing.
  2. I was jealous of you and because of that I did things I'm not proud of and I'm sorry for letting my insecurities affect our relationship.
  3. I like liked you very much. and when you didn't like like me back I was hurt and so I cut things off and I know I acted like a 14 year old boy in that instance and I'm sorry.
  4. You were a dick first. I was a bigger dick back. Sorry (but not really because you kinda suck).
  5. If we were to try again now I promise I wouldn't fuck up again. I'm sorry. I love you.
  6. You had shitty taste in movies but that didn't mean I had to be shitty to you. I apologize for being a pretentious asshole.