1. 💃
    Cha cha Cha.. I usually use this one when I'm excited or if I think my friend looks smokin' just like a salsa dancer
  2. 😬
    I relate so much to this one. Awkward face for an awkward human (me)
  3. 👯
    You are the dancing queeeeeeen young and sweet only seventeeeeeeen. For when my friend and I are about to reunite or we discover another similarity.
  4. 👹
    He's so happy and I look the most like him
  5. 👑
    Instead of saying YASSSS QUEEN you can click this
  6. ❤️
    Just a simple classic red heart to spread the love
  7. 👌
    For those times when you want to say ok or k and don't want to sound rude
  8. 💆🏼
    She would be having her head massaged (but I don't actually know what's going on here) I use this emoji for my sister because it makes no sense just like her
  9. 🌚
    I don't get it either so it's great
  10. 💸
    Because everyone can relate (bye money)