1. Linda Hunt as Billy Quan - The Year of Living Dangerously: this is actually the one time it's great. This casting is actually phenomenal.
  2. Peter Weller as Buckaroo Banzai - The Adventures of Buckeroo Banzai Across the 8th Dimension: Dude is supposed to be from Hong Kong, but he's kinda of a confusing scifi character.
  3. Joel Grey as Chiun - Remo Williams : The Adventure Begins: Fred Ward might be the coolest guy I've ever met. I was surprised when he told me this character was played by a Jewish actor.
  4. David Carradine as Kwai Chang - Kung Fu: Here's where I start to get angry. Mainly because the rumor that it came down to Carradine and Bruce Lee for the role. Horrific. That show would be second to the Wire in tv history if they had gotten Bruce Lee.
  5. Warner Oland as Charlie Chan and Fu Manchu in a bunch of shit: Painfully ridiculous cartoon. Depression era nonsense. Not a defense, but I have to consent that people were furiously poor and uniformed. This is more like a WWF heal like Nicolai Volkov and the Iron Sheik.
  6. John Wayne as Genghis Khan: The Conqueror: An insult to humanity. First off, probably one of the very worst pictures in the history of the medium. Also Wayne wasn't just white, but a weapon of white power. "Mother fuck him and John Wayne" - PE Fight the Power.
  7. Mickey Rooney as Mr. Yunioshi - Breakfast at Tiffany's. Easily ranks as the most offensive and bizarre casting in the history of the 7th art. Unfortunelty, I have watched this film many times over. It makes me feel filthy. Hepburn and her asthetic somehow mesmerizes some that they don't realize Edwards&Rooney went to hell for this bullshit.