Have you ever watched a movie for the umpteenth time and tried to tell the actors "NOO DONT GO IN THERE STUPID!" Or thought (What if it went this/that way?) "I wonder how the lil boy turned out when he grew up".. Heres my list!
  1. LIFE (Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence)
    I always say "F*** The bar go take dat booze where Spanky said take it.. Maybe it couldve been drama when they made it.. I also wondered how it wouldve went if Claude & Ray actually escaped before they got too old.. Life on the outside and either staying out til the end and surviving or end up back in jail or worse.. Idk
  2. Menace 2 Society
    Damn.. If only Kane made it to Atlanta.. Would it had been better or gotten worse? How did lil Anthony turn out? He was already into the streets and guns at a early age.. Lol or say Kane got killed and Ronnie still moved, who she mess with after that? Idk
  3. Boyz N Da Hood
    Man man man.. I wonder what it wouldve been like if Ricky didnt get shot and took dat scholarship to play football.. I anticipated Doughboy gettin smoked and maybe da rest of em too besides Trey.. But I always wanted to see a 2.. Idk
  4. Dont Be A Menace To South Central While Drinkin Yo Juice In Da Hood
    Lol This movie was so retarted & funny to me I just wish they wouldve kept mixing hood movies and makin movies like that. Instead of all that Scary Movie stuff.. Even though a few of them was IGNORANT 😂😂😂 Idk
  5. I Am Legend
    Come on you cant tell me you havent thought to yaself.. "What the hell happens next!? Did the virus eventually die out or did it continue to spread? What was life like after the only scientist who had the cure died? Idk
  6. Friday
    Where the hell is this Last Friday movie with Mike Epps & Chris Tucker??? Everybody wanted to see Day Day & Smokey act a fool! Lol