Alternatively titled: What I, a socially anxious/ partially functioning human being, think when I post something online.
  1. "What if people don't like it?"
  2. "I have ruined my future."
  3. "I'm going to delete this."
  4. "How many people have liked/hearted/retweeted it? Oh my god, three? Thats a lot more than what I expected!"
  5. "Only four people? No one likes it. I was right, I shouldn't have done this."
  6. "I'm just going to go ahead and delete this whole blog."
  7. "Why did I think I looked good in that photo?"
  8. "Hey! Someone I don't know liked my post!" *Dances alone at my desk.*
  9. "OH MY GOD is that a typo?"
  10. "Does what I've written make sense? Is it even English?"
  11. "Oh wow this other blogger's much better at this than I am."
  12. "I am now ignoring this app's existence for the next entire week."
  13. ...and so on and so forth until I delete the post and thus kick off a secondary train of thought about how I am a failure at social media.