Albums That Changed My Life

Albums that had a tremendous influence on my life
  1. Guns n' Roses - Appetite for Destruction The first real music I ever loved. I got this in 5th grade and my whole attitude changed. I wanted everything on that record. The music, the girls, the drugs. It was dangerous and perfect. In my opinion the best rock n roll album of all time.
  2. Public Enemy - It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back One of the best rap albums of all time that I couldn't stop listening too. This album taught me about a side of America that I would've never known existed. Political without apology. I can't remember what I learned in history class that year but I remember what Chuck & Flav taught me.
  3. Beastie Boys - Check Your Head - holy fuck I love the Beastie Boys. This should really be a double album along with Illl communication. While my friends listened to shitty sublime and 311 I had these to get through high school. I love all their albums but these got the most play in my car. I was OBSESSED w/ them and still love them. MCA forever
  4. Stevie Wonder - Talking Book - in college I had all but quit modern hip hop. Hated grunge for being depressing and all sounding the same. I turned to old classics and this one led the way. My modern love of Kanye started with old Stevie Wonder records. These were political, beautiful, fun, and timeless. Songs in the Key of Life is right here too.
  5. Kanye West - College Dropout - I had quit listening to rap & hated everything on the radio. I was one of those old guys who complain about modern music and how much better my generation was. Kanye not only made me love hip hop again but he opened my mind to all kinds of new music. I legit believe he's the greatest artist of my lifetime. I love him.